E. Neophytou and Partners LLC Law Firm

E. Neophytou and Partners LLC Law Firm was founded in 2010 by Neophytou Erricos, who is the senior partner of the firm Neophytou Christos and Neophytou Sophia, partners and it is located in the centre of Nicosia.

E. Neophytou and Partners LLC Law Firm

Full Description

The firm has a broad and increasing client base and it provides a variety of services to its clients such as the handling of legal nature cases, the preparation of all kinds of legal documents and giving opinions on every legal matter.

Furthermore, our firm engages with the registration of companies of any form, trademarks and diplomatic patents, and advising our clients on establishment, structure and use of companies in order to achieve the most suitable tax planning structure in every case.

It is worth noting that our firm specializes on cases of land law as well as the management  of property of deceased persons, as most of our work is in that field.


10 Kyriakou Matsi Avenue 1st floor
P.O.Box 21663 1511 Nicosia Cyprus

T:   +357 22441794 / +357 22674670
F:   +357 22668999
E:   info@neophytoupartners.com