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Elena Myrianthous is a professional law firm of advocates which has been established since the end of 2009.  It has grown into one of the most reputable law firms in Cyprus, particularly in the corporate and commercial field.

The firm operates from offices in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus and staffed with experienced lawyers, accountants, administrators and legal assistants.

By displaying determination, flexibility and attention to detail the firm has built up a reputation as a trustworthy firm, having the power to deliver results to its clients with professionalism.

The firm has developed its legal expertise to provide a full range of legal, administrative and international tax planning services to foreign clients and trusts.

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At Myrianthous Law Firm, we offer extensive advice and legal representation on a broad spectrum of Family Law issues.

Divorce and Child Custody

Our specialist team of divorce lawyers are able to assist couples looking to initiate divorce proceedings. We offer help in regards to resolving different types of disputes related to the separation, be they financial, to do with child custody arrangements, or both.

Cognisant of the sensitive nature of divorce, our lawyers take special care in delivering a high quality service that seeks to reduce any of the stress surrounding this type of legal proceeding. We handle every case with consideration, discretion and care and guide you through the court process in a manner that instils confidence and assurance. We also strive to find optimal but affordable solutions that address the concerns of our clients successfully.

Divorce proceedings

In Cyprus, one of the spouses is required to file a petition for divorce at the District Family Court. One of the spouses must have resided in Cyprus for a minimum of 3 months prior to filing the petition for the courts here to have jurisdiction. The petition should include the name of the applicants, marriage date, whether they have any children/child, and why they wish to divorce. The Court will then consider the reasons for the divorce and who assumes responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage, be it one spouse or whether both are equally liable. If one spouse is found responsible, that spouse will be ordered by the Court to pay any fees arising from the proceedings. If both parties are responsible, then each spouse will pay their expenses.

Custody disputes

Disputes about children are handled by our team of Child Custody lawyers with absolute discretion through strategic negotiations or via court proceedings, to secure a beneficial outcome for both parties, and which serves in the best interests of the children/child involved.

Child support

Where a petition for divorce has been filed and the applicants have children, the economic status of both parents is evaluated so that their duty to properly maintain the children is suitably fulfilled. The final settlement is at the discretion of the courts. The child support continues until the child/children reach 18 years of age, and in some case even after, e.g. tertiary education.

Other areas of specialisations and representation include:

    • Abductions


    • Spousal maintenance


    • Division of family property


    • Use of family residence


    • Protective measures ​


    • Surrogacy Consultation

We are also specialised in international family cases, collaborating with highly qualified family lawyers within the European Union and Russia. These primarily concern international abductions, international divorce cases and international child custody cases.
Cyprus is an attractive destination for investors, individuals and families for several reasons. These include a favourable and transparent tax system, modern legal and regulatory infrastructures, a high quality of life, top educational institutions, the ease of doing business, a large pool of human talent, and access to major European markets.

A contemporary global business centre

A variety of innovative growth sectors such as shipping, real estate, investment, hospitality and tourism, energy, education, filming and start-ups, have also transformed Cyprus into a sought after international business hub with some of the world’s largest corporations setting up presence here. This combined with opportunities for investment across sectors and the benefits that the Cyprus Investment Program grants to foreign investors, has seen the ongoing expansion of the Cyprus market.

Non-EU immigration to Cyprus

Immigrants from outside Europe include asylum seekers and economic migrants. The term “immigrant” is used by the European commission to describe a person from a non-EU country establishing his/her own usual residence in the territory of an EU country for a period that is or is expected to be twelve months.

However, there are restrictive laws and regulations with respect to issuing entry, residence and work permits for the non-EU citizens. They are also subject to changes, continuous adjustments and amendments. In general, all non-EU citizens who intend to reside in Cyprus need to apply for a visa.

How we can help

Myrianthous Law Firm has extensive experience in advising individuals in Immigration Law. Our team of immigration specialists offer advice on a range of matters relating to Cyprus immigration law, and remain continually informed on any regulatory changes. Our lawyers work closely with clients, monitoring all stages of any immigration application until its conclusion.

Types of Visas and Permits

a) Short stay visa

If you intend to visit Cyprus for business or vacation for a period not exceeding 3 months, you are required to apply for a short-stay visa. The visa can be issued as multiple-entry or single-entry. If you plan on travelling to Cyprus frequently for business or otherwise, you may apply for a 1-year multiple-entry visa but the total stay within that period may not exceed 3 months.

b) Temporary residence permits

For any non-EU citizen who will be in Cyprus long-term without taking up employment may apply for a special temporary permit (commonly referred to as the “Pink Slip”). This permit is usually issued for a period of 1-2 years but can be easily extended for an additional 1-2 year period is required.

Categories of temporary residence permits (pink slips) include:

    1. Visitor visa


    1. Student visa


    1. Employment visa

c) Immigration Permits

This permit is for any non-EU national who wishes to be self-employed or take up employment at a Cyprus company or has at their disposal a secure annual income without the need to secure employment or engage in any business or profession; and who meets the criteria of the specific category that such person would fall into, as defined by Cyprus legislation and immigration regulations.

d) Permanent Residence Permits

This permit applies to a non-EU family member of non-EU citizens or non-EU family members of EU citizens who wish to apply for permanent residency in Cyprus.
Myrianthous Law Firm is renowned for its extensive experience in litigation and personal injury and dispute resolution, representing plaintiffs and defendants in a range of matters relating to personal injuries claims. These include all forms of motor vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, drink driving, boating and construction accidents; medical negligence; workplace injuries; and many more.

Our firm represents both claimants and defendants. We provide legal assistance in regards to all possible procedures relating to a Personal Injury claim, including:

Advice on the best course of action when pursuing a claim. Whether a claim requires court proceedings or can be settled out-of-court is dependent on the severity of the injury or the complexity of the accident.

Advice on the sum of damages to be claimed.

Reaching out-of-court settlements through negotiations with insurance companies.

Initiating court proceedings when out-of-court negotiations are unsuccessful.

Managing the court process from start to finish.

Providing judgmental enforcement claim for damages from a personal injury.

Our personal injury lawyers can assist you with any claim arising from an injury that comes as a result of:

Medical negligence or malpractice

A damaged product or faulty service

Defective or unsafe equipment at place of employment

An animal attack

Abuse in a care home

The services of the personal injury lawyer should be engaged straight after the accident so that you have someone by your side every step of the claim. Our team will assist you with your claim to compensation to be used for any expenses, current or future loss of income, temporary or long-term disability, pain and emotional suffering and any other expenses related to the injury.

Medical negligence

Our medical negligence lawyers will provide you with legal assistance on any case to do with injury or harm that you have suffered due to negligence by a health practitioner like a dentist, doctor, midwife, nurse or anaesthetist. Types of negligence include:

Prescription or medication errors, for e.g. the wrong drugs or combination of drugs; or the incorrect dosage of medicine or pills

The failure to recognise or diagnose symptoms or a specific condition

Wrong diagnosis of an injury or condition

The delay to recognise a specific injury or condition

The delay in treating an injury or condition

Inappropriate or incorrect treatment

Failure to obtain proper consent

Auto accidents

Auto or road traffic accidents often occur as a result of some form of negligent driving. If you are a victim of this type of negligence, we suggest that you seek the immediate advice of one of our personal injury specialists to discuss the opportunity for compensation. Types of auto accidents include:

Pedestrian accidents

Motor vehicle accidents

Bicycle or motorbike accidents

Passengers injured in an auto accident

Individuals that are victims of unlicensed, drunk, uninsured or hit and run drivers


No matter your claim, we offer a free initial consultation to determine whether your claim is valid, how likely your case is to succeed and what the value of your claim may be.
Cyprus is quickly becoming a popular investment fund centre in Europe, largely due to its access to high-growth markets, its commitment to advancing its legislative and regulatory systems, and its dedication to staying ahead of any industry developments. It also offers flexible UCITS and AIF structures, transparency and investor protection, and low set-up and operation costs.

The enactment in Cyprus of the Alternative Investment Funds Law implements the relevant EU Directive and provides the relevant legal framework to all fund products, both UCITS and AIFS.

Our team of Fund services specialists at Myrianthous Law Firm comes with more than 15 years international experience in the fund industry, and are at the forefront of the development of the sector in Cyprus.

Fund incorporation services

Our funds managers offer a full range services relating to fund formation and fund management. This includes advising on strategic fund structures, managing the licensing procedure, provision of fund administration services and monitoring of compliance and reporting requirements.

Fund administration services

Our fund specialists deliver a variety of administrative services relating to all fund structures including but not limited to:

Transactions in regards to shares according to the fund’s constitutional documents

Preparation and distribution of fund reports, dealing with all administrative and legal documents, and sending circulars, minutes, etc.

Attendance at board and shareholders meetings

Managing of electronic shareholders register

We also help with:

Audit services

Tax services

Consulting services to funds and fund managers
Dispute resolution and litigation requires an in-depth understanding of mediation and resolving conflict situations efficiently and effectively.

The Dispute Resolution and Litigation advisors at Myrianthous Law Firm are specialised in handling complex dispute issues be this in a professional, employment or personal context. They will advise clients on all matters that require litigation, outlining the merits, steps, processes and procedures of each case.

The skills and capabilities of our legal advisors will ensure that your personal and financial interests are protected. They will seeks ways to leverage your negotiating position, and seek resolution of your dispute that meets your objectives, in a cost-effective way.

Where we can help:

The range of claims and disputes that our team of advisors handles, both locally and internationally, is extensive. This includes:

Corporate and shareholders’ disputes

Banking and finance disputes

Professional negligence, incl. medical malpractice

Bankruptcy, insolvency and receivership

Landlord and tenant disputes

Employment disputes

Matrimonial law

Breach of contracts

Personal injury claims

Road traffic accidents

Insurance claims

Admiralty claims

Defamation, libel and slander claims
Myrianthous Law Firm has earned an outstanding reputation throughout the region for advising individuals and legal entities on cross border litigation including cases related to International Family Law and General Civil Law.

We provide a variety of services relating to offshore company formations in jurisdictions across the globe, based on the particular needs of our clients. We work with you to establish the most optimal corporate structure and asset protection plan.

Registration of a company in Cyprus

Our team of corporate specialists will help you throughout the process of registering a company. This includes the:

Application for a Company name

Preparation and submission of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company for registration, together with all information pertaining to the shareholder/s, director/s and secretary

Provision of nominee services, be this directors, shareholders, secretary or registered office, if required

Opening of bank accounts that are fully compliant with all AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know-your-client) requirements

Preparation of all required minutes of director and/or shareholder meetings

All necessary legislative filings and annual returns to the relevant authorities

Drafting of any supplementary documentation including Powers of Attorney, agreements, etc.

Registration of a company abroad

We also offer multiple services for offshore companies registered in other jurisdictions through a network of highly experienced international lawyers. Where a company is registered is based on the requirements of each client, the tax implications, investment options and the preferred corporate structure.

Offshore jurisdictions include:

British Virgin Islands (BVI)





Isle of Mann




Our team of specialists will examine each offshore centre to establish the best match for your company’s intended activities and international structuring. Double taxation treaties will be studied for purposes of tax planning and tax optimisation.

Other factors that will be considered include protection of assets, banking privacy, security of property rights, inheritance duty, treatment of capital and profits, diversity of financial instruments, accessibility to foreign markets, monetary exchange control, international commercial tariffs, political and economic stability, and many more.
We advise companies of all sizes as well as employees on all matters concerning Cyprus employment law. This includes topics such as:

Employment contracts

Unfair dismissals

Wrongful termination of employment

Work discrimination


Contractual terms and conditions

Social insurance and provident fund issues

Health and safety

The rights and obligations of employers and employees,

Grievance or disciplinary procedures

Secondment of employees



Corporate restructuring

Maternity leave

Sick leave

Holiday leave

Pension issues


Whistle blowing, other employment related issues.

Our team can also assist in the drafting of a range of contracts and other documents pertinent to employment, such as:

Letter or Offer of Employment

Agreements and Contracts of Employment

Employee Manuals

Company Handbook and Policies

Confidentiality Agreements

Termination of Contract or Agreement Letter

Termination Agreements

Provident Fund Forms or Documentation

We will engage with all relevant parties depending on the issue or dispute, be this employee or employer representatives, governmental authorities such as the Ministry of Labour, any trade unions, etc. This includes any form of dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, tribunal or litigation in court.

Cognisant of the complexities surrounding labour law and the speed at which matters need to be resolved, our team is committed to providing fast but effective advice as needed.
Cyprus is a globally sought after maritime centre. According to the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, Cyprus has the 10th largest merchant fleet worldwide and the 3rd largest fleet in the EU with 1000+ ocean-going vessels totalling 21 million gross tons. The city of Limassol is also considered to be the largest 3rd party shipmanagement centre in the EU and one of the biggest across the globe. Some of the world’s largest shipping related companies have established presence in Cyprus and it is estimated that some 4% of the world’s fleet is managed from the island.

Cyprus is one of the most competitive global shipping centres, renowned for its high quality service delivery, appealing legislative and operational shipping infrastructure, its robust tax system, highly experienced human talent, and its registration fees and taxes. In fact, the country is thought to be one of the most competitive global shipping centres

Where we can help:

At Myrianthous, we have broad experience in several areas of maritime law. Our Admiralty and Shipping lawyers represent shipowners, ship managers, charterers, shipping agents, freight forwarders, shipbroking, and other shipping related companies in all matters concerning shipping and maritime legislation and regulations including:

Company registration and setting up of appropriate structure

Applications for the registration of vessels in the relevant registries

Registration of a vessel under the Cyprus flag

Yacht registration

Renewal of documents of vessels

Acquisition of vessels

Transfer of ownership of Cyprus flag vessels

Deletion of vessels from relevant registries

Drafting of any agreements relating to purchase, sale or financing of vessels

Related company law, tax and finance matters

We also assist companies in all manner of disputes and claims such as and/or relating to:

Contractual claims


Insurance claims

Salvage claims

Vessel construction and/or rebuilding or repairing disputes

Personal injury claims

Disputes arising from employment of officers or crew

Loss or damage to cargo

Insolvency matters
E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, especially in today’s business climate. Many businesses are looking to the internet to offer their products and services to a global market to increase sales, revenue and profitability. Launching an e-commerce business comes with it legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as tax and Vat implications that business owners or entrepreneurs may not be aware of.

E-commerce in Cyprus is regulated by the Electronic Commerce Law (156(I)/2004) which entered into force on the 30 April 2004 for the purpose of the implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on 8 June 2000 on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market.

Where we can help:

Our team of lawyers, experts in e-commerce law, can advise you on setting up an e-commerce business that is compliant with all appropriate laws and regulations.

We offer advice on matters relating to:

Setting up an online business in Cyprus

GDPR and personal data related issues

Cybersecurity and data security

Regulation of electronic payments

Online advertising and marketing issues

Online selling of products and services

Intellectual property matters

Trademark and copyright issues

Drafting of any relevant commercial contracts

Legal disclosures that require to be included in the website content

Consumer warranties

Terms and conditions of e-commerce businesses

Cross-border taxation and Vat requirements and implications
Our team of Criminal Defence lawyers are specialised in criminal litigation and draw from their expertise, broad knowledge and vital resources to ensure the legal rights of all clients are fully protected and represented, to ensure a successful outcome.

We deal with a wide range of criminal cases, providing effective guidance to our clients, no matter the complexity of the case, as well as quality and cost-effective service and support through every stage of the criminal justice system.

Our defence lawyers will advise you on:

White collar litigation

Breach of business



Tax offenses

Drug offenses

Cyprus is a popular destination for acquiring real estate, be this as a second home or an investment. This is based largely on the top quality of life the country offers, the ease of doing business, attractive legislative and tax infrastructures, investment incentives, low crime rates, excellent educational institutions and medical facilities, and year-round sunshine.

The real estate sector in Cyprus has seen considerable growth over the course of the last few years, with an increase of properties sold to global investors. There has also been a rise in the number of construction projects, iconic commercial and residential developments, and other large scale projects underway.

At Myrianthous Law Firm, we have a strong team of real estate lawyers who understand and have deep insights in the real estate industry in Cyprus and other key destinations across the globe. The team advises and represents clients worldwide and handles all aspects of complex real estate transactions in regards to commercial and residential properties and all forms of real estate development projects. In particular, our property lawyers are uniquely experienced in dealing with every phase of a real estate project, from inception to development to sales.

Areas of specialisation

Drafting sales and purchase agreements

All matters pertinent to the purchase of a property in Cyprus by a non-EU and EU citizens

Assisting in the application for residence for investor and their family where applicable

Property Management for persons not residing in Cyprus

In the case of large projects, we can advise on matter relating to financing, land planning, environmental approval, etc

Estate planning and administration in Cyprus

Wills, probate and re-sealing

Enclaved Buyers. We provide services to facilitate the transfer of immovable property in the name of «enclaved» (trapped) buyers, namely buyers of immovable property who although they have fulfilled their contractual obligations under the contract with the seller, the latter is unable or neglects or fails to transfer the property in their name, because the property or part of it is subject to a mortgage, memorandum or other encumbrances.

Other information

Real estate in Cyprus is regulated by the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) Law, Cap. 224.
Myrianthous Law Firm provides to its clientele comprehensive legal advices and services, in General Commercial and Corporate matters, including:

Drafting of Commercial contracts

Merger and acquisitions

Re-Domiciliation of Companies

Corporate governance

Strategic legal advice

Registration and administration of Cyprus Companies

Establishment and administration of International Trusts

Incorporation of Funds – (Open and Closed) – and Collective Investment Schemes

Legal Audits

The firm provides reliable, sufficient and professional services, to a wide range of Clients ranging from small enterprises to multi-national corporations.

Our Lawyers are fully aware of the needs for legal advices and legal structures, to be compatible with the needs of modern commerce, industry and finance. We strive to ensure that the solutions we are providing are cost effective.


Worldwide company formations

Corporate and Fiduciary services

Through our partners across the world, we can also offer Corporate and Fiduciary services. These services include:


In 2007, Cyprus implemented in its Companies’ Law, Cap 113 the European Directive 2055/56/EC which has introduced a uniform and simple framework for cross border mergers of limited liability companies.

The directive allows entities to restructure their groups on a cross border basis within the EU without negative tax consequences.

Following the implementation of the said EU Directive, Cyprus legislation allows for the merger of two or more EU member companies, and as a result Cyprus has become a popular destination for this purpose.

The law applies to the merger of limited liability companies formed under the law of a Member State, having their registered office, central administration or main place of business within the community, provided that at least two of these companies are governed by the law of different Member States.
We have considerable experience in forming and providing trustee services to Cyprus International Trusts.

For settlors residing in high taxation jurisdictions, it is possible to minimize their taxation on income or wealth by transferring property (assets include, inter alia, movable and immovable property, shares or cash) anywhere in the world to a Cyprus International Trust, as under a proper tax structure they will be able to take advantage of the beneficial double taxation treaty network of Cyprus.

Furthermore, confidentiality is achieved, as there is no requirement to register or publish the financial results of an International Trust. The Deed of Trust is private to the parties concerned whereas in many overseas jurisdictions, when a person dies his will becomes open to public inspection.

Benefits for establishing a Cyprus International Trust:

Trusts and beneficiaries of trusts are not taxed in Cyprus.

No Capital Gains tax is paid by the International Trusts.

Distributions to beneficiaries are not subject to tax in Cyprus.

Assets can be added to the trust at any time.

The trust can be a shareholder in a Cyprus Company or a foreign company.

If the Cyprus Trust is a shareholder in a Cyprus Company it will enjoy the tax and other benefits of the Cyprus international company.

Trust assets are permanently separated from the Settler’s personally owned assets.

The trust can be revocable or irrevocable;

Discretionary Trust

Under a Discretionary Trust, the Trustees have the discretion to deal with the trust property as they think proper for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Such a trust is the most commonly used as it enjoys many advantages, such as:

The Beneficiaries cannot be taxed on the trust fund because they have no legal right in the trust fund until the trustees exercise their discretion to distribute the trust fund to them.

The Beneficiaries only have contingent interest in the Trust property and as such the trust assets are not available to any creditors if they go bankrupt.

The Trust Deed created is a flexible instrument allowing Trustees to vary the various interests under the Trust when circumstances change, without the need to have recourse to the procedure of variation of the trusts requiring consent of all beneficiaries or seek court action to vary the terms of the Trust.

Fixed Trust

Under a Fixed Trust, the Trustees are obliged to follow the terms of the Trust Deed. As such they do not have any discretion when distributing assets to the Beneficiaries.

Trading Trust

Under a Trading Trust, the Trustee is usually a company which has the power to trade. The advantage is that third parties are not aware of the existence of the Trust as all documentation is used are in the name of the Trustee company.

Purpose Trust or Accumulation and Maintenance Trust

Under such a Trust, the income and capital are accumulated and distributed when infant children attain certain age or a future event (for example, marriage) takes place as provided by the Trust Deed.


Section 12(1) of the Law provides that the income and the gains of an international trust derived or deemed to be derived from sources outside of Cyprus shall be exempt from all tax imposed in Cyprus and no estate duty or inheritance tax shall be chargeable in respect of assets belonging to an international trust.

Therefore there is total exception from income tax, capital gains tax, special contribution tax or any other taxes in Cyprus. Also, interest deriving from trust funds vested in any type of Cyprus bank account is also tax exempt.

It should be noted that the wording of the section is such that the trust is liable to taxation in Cyprus (though its foreign income is taxed at zero rate), thus preserving the possibility of arguing that it is a resident for the purpose of the various tax treaties.

Although taxation considerations relating to Trusts are fairly complicated, the following are indicative advantages.

Our Services
We have considerable experience in forming and providing trustee services to Cyprus International Trusts.
Myrianthous Law Firm maintains an outstanding reputation throughout the region for advising individuals with regard to issues of wills, wealth protection, estate administration and probate. Our highly experienced team, headed by the Managing Partner of the firm, provides expert advice on Cyprus law related to wills, probate and estate administration. Our services for private individuals include preparation of wills and filing with the Court’s Registry, probate, administration, trusts, asset protection and international estate administration.

Wills are very important documents, requiring careful consideration and clear drafting. Every individual should take advice and instruct a professional to prepare a will, in order to ensure that their property and affairs are dealt with in the way that they want. Our team provides comprehensive advice on all aspects of inheritance, including beneficiaries, administration and tax.

Probate and estate administration work is often a complex and difficult experience, especially for people who do not reside in Cyprus. We will be pleased to assist you at any stage through the complicated area of administering the estate and reduce the pressures and worries of being an executor or administrator. Our team undertakes to deal comprehensively with the process of administering an estate.

This includes establishing the personal representatives’ right to deal with the estate (also known as “Grant of Probate” or “Grant of letters of administration), dealing with the administration of the estate, winding up the estate, settling applicable taxes and distributing the property to the beneficiaries.

Throughout this process, we take on most of the administrative work, provide advice and implement the key decisions of the beneficiaries, e.g. when to distribute and how much and whether to distribute assets instead of cash. At the end of the administration, financial accounts of the Administration are prepared and deposited in Court.

We also have expertise in dealing with re-seals of foreign Grants. We are also able to obtain Grants for Cyprus assets for cases in which the deceased lived and was domiciled abroad.
The Commercial activity on the island creates the necessity to offer protection to the Intellectual Property Rights of physical and legal entities in order to validate such activity. The Commercial activity on the island creates the necessity to offer protection to the Intellectual Property Rights of physical and legal entities in order to validate such activity.

Due to the accession of Cyprus to the European Union as a full member on May 1st 2004, Cyprus legislation has been harmonized in order to bring the Intellectual Property Law into line with the requirements of the acquis communautaire.

Cyprus is a member to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for the registration and protection of Trademarks and Industrial Designs within the European Community.

Cyprus has adopted the EU Directives enabling it to recognize CTM and CD Registrations. Cyprus is a party to the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol and PCT through which international patent or trademark applications are recorded in Cyprus.

Article 2 (viii) of the World Intellectual Property Convention of 1968 defines the term “Intellectual Property” as including literary, artistic and scientific works (copyright); performances of performing artists, phonograms and broadcasts (copyright); inventions in all fields of human endeavour (patents); Scientific discoveries (patents); Industrial Designs (Industrial Designs); Trademarks, service marks and commercial names and designations (Trademarks); Protection against unfair competition; and all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields.

We are specializing:

    • Registration of IP, renewal of trademarks (including Community Trademarks), Patents (National, European, and International), Industrial Designs (including European Community Designs)


    • Trademark oppositions, cancellations and counterfeiting actions;


    • Valuation of IP Rights in Assignments, Mergers or Acquisitions;


    • Search and investigation services;


    • Trademark watching and infringement services;


    • IP arbitration and mediation;


    • Litigation of other IP Rights; and


  • Counseling on licensing and franchising.

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